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It is truly an extraordinary book that closes its pages with infinite tenderness, love and sweetness. A book the whole family will love.

It is a book of dual nature. It can be read as a bedtime book as well as a weaning book.

A wonderful book. Tender and sweet text. Its illustration moves in the same frame as the text. The father of the family is not left out. He interrupts his sleep and shares with mom the late night and the tiredness. That in itself is so sweet! It is this TOGETHER that binds the family. They also share their bed with the child, offering him lots of hugs and love.



Although the book is clearly aimed at breastfeeding mothers, let me tell you that it is much more than that.

Thank you very much Ms. Marina Ploumpi @marina_ploumpi and versions @sweet_serendipities_books for the opportunity to share such great news for the writing community and the #bookfans

📍But also the topics of 🤍breastfeeding-weaning and sleep that are so interesting to his girlfriends



Everything you need to read at night before or after a relaxing bath and to join the daily sleep routine of children 18 months and older!

The fairy tale has a double reading and is a must both for children who wake up at night to breastfeed, and for children who wake up to play.



A book taken care of from the first to the last page!

Moons that sleep and dream, stars made of silver dust, fluffy pillows, pajamas with teddy bears and ... a little rascal who wakes up every night because he longs to nurse ... or even to play.
After all, this particular book may refer to weaning at night, but it is also addressed to children who wake up in the middle of the night looking for - not milk, but - another toy, a comforting caress, a warm hug...
For this very reason the fairy tale is written in such a way that it can be read in two ways!



Book recommendation 

From the back cover

A fairy tale about night weaning. Perhaps the most difficult step of weaning a child, since most times, if not all, breastfeeding is associated with the sweet happiness that carries the child from the mother's arms to the arms of Morpheus.

However, since in the middle of the night not only those children wake up who want to breastfeed, but also those who are looking for the game or the hug, this fairy tale can be read in two ways. In the flow of the narrative you will find silver shooting stars that "guide" you to those words that replace the text that refers to night weaning.

So a fairy tale with a double reading!

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Summer books.

As we go through the most beloved time of the year, we read and continue to recommend children's books for summer, for all tastes and ages. This is the second part of the tribute, as published in the 105th issue of Talk.



I don't know which feature of the book to mention first! I honestly stood out so much! 
A multi-dimensional, tender, beautiful and modern book that we loved very much!

A book that, in Marina Ploumpi's characteristic, gentle way and with the beautiful phrase "in the morning, mom's milk again", conveys exactly the message it promises. In addition, it will help you to improve the evening sleep routine if your little one is one of those who like to stay up late, and the phrase "toys again in the morning" will definitely become your favorite.

Personally, I use it as a good night book. I find it ideal as I find it calms my child and at the same time prepares him for the end of sleep time with mum and dad, as the child starts in the first few pages in their own bed but ends up sleeping in his own !
A multi-dimensional, tender, beautiful and modern book that we loved very much!



Although the book is clearly aimed at breastfeeding mothers, let me tell you that it is much more than that.

Irini Thanou's illustration gives us all the elements we need as parents to shape an environment full of empathy for our children. Soft toys while the little Sophia in our story is a baby, a Montessori-style library in her room, a bicycle helmet, baby-led weaning diet, active participation of the father both in everyday life and in the weaning process itself, outings in nature. A book that is equivalent to a hug, you belong or you don't belong to the club of moms who chose to feed their child with breast milk.



I found it a very beautiful book worth reading!

 ..a very sweet book, sprinkled with a lot of tenderness, about children who wake up at night either because they want their mommy's milk or because they just lost their toys in the... night🌙!

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