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I could analyze📉 so much since I have not only read and acquired it, but I have also chatted👥 with Marina both on the radio📻 and up close, but I think it is worth🏅 to get it and discover it🔎 for yourself.😉

 Starting with the evening 🌙routine approaches the subject of 🌟sleep ✅simply & ✅understandably. This, however, does not mean that writing it was an easy task. And in this book Marina👩🏻 has dealt with the smallest detail, having consulted a team of experts💡 (which you can see in the acknowledgments🙏 at the end of the book.)

➕I like it that the illustration is equally involved in the story and everything is sleeping: sofa, laptop, etc. as many children notice👀especially the pictures🖍️ and it alienates them when it doesn't completely agree with the plot📃.

➕And once again❗ I will say - as in the first book - how much I liked the participation of the father 💙 in the process.

➕ I should also mention the double reading of the book for breastfeeding children and non-breastfeeding children.

➕ Let's say in closing somewhere here that these days 🌄 the re-edition 🎉 of her first book 📗 ( Last Goulitsa ), which came back renewed 🎁, took place.



Undoubtedly a unique fairy tale!

 " (...) I would like to emphasize that I personally appreciate that this particular book mainly deals with the night awakenings of infants and young children in general. It is also useful to remember that at night only those children who are breastfed wake up. In general all mammals and children wake up so this is a normal process that takes time to change. Changes in the frequency of awakenings as well as the amount of them are largely dependent on the child. In simple words, this means that each person has their own growth rate so each baby needs to be given time until the awakenings stop. I like that in the fairy tale this message is "passed" as well as that the upbringing of the child is done and from both parents. Observing Irini Thanou's illustration, you emphasize the role of the father in raising the child. With such beautiful drawings, it is like to "enter" the little hero's house. In addition, the gathering of the parents with the toddler is another "taboo" for many Greek families. With this particular fairy tale, I think it's time to break the taboo on children's sleep. Opening the fairy tale, the reader sees that the whole family sleeps together. What a nice picture! How true!

Εξώφυλλο Δελτίο τύπου1.jpg


This book is a book worth having in your library.

This book is very suitable for mothers who want to wean sleep from breastfeeding or night weaning using the 'day-night' technique. With this technique we encourage the child to observe the darkness outside the window, to listen to the noises at night and we explain to him that everyone and everything sleeps at night: so does the mother's breast or milk. She can breastfeed in the morning when everyone and everything wakes up. The book is an important tool to introduce this idea or reinforce it.

Also, the double reading makes it inclusive and suitable for children who are not breastfed. They may also have difficulty falling asleep if they wake up during the night. 



I have in my hands a book that will help me with evening weaning and this is none other than the book I present to you today. A tender fairy tale whose reading is like a comforting hug will also put its little stone in this unique moment and it will also remain as a small souvenir reminding me of all those sleepless nights that had the sweetest fatigue...

All;;; Hmmm maybe not, maybe some of us spend some nights awake... Some nights in the company of the moon, the stars and our little ones who are either in the mood for an evening game or looking for their evening milk from mommy.

I've been living many such nights lately and where fatigue and insomnia have exhausted me, the new book by Marina Plumpi came into my hands, which in a unique way makes me feel brave and fills me with patience. I'm not the only insomniac, it's not just our house awake at 3 in the morning and it's not just my child who wakes up looking for me to drink milk.




for this gem! It deserves to be in every children's library!

When the author of the book is Marina Plumpi, you know that the book will surely be full of sensitivity and tenderness! Marina, once again, touches on an original and unique subject, the night awakenings of the child (whether they are to breastfeed the child or to play) and, as always, she does it through the prism of empathy.

We loved the text of this book and we loved the wonderful illustrations too....The toys that sleep too, the stars shining in the sky, the dark colors that make it perfect for reading at night!



          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           📚 BOOK PROPOSAL📚

Many thanks to publications @sweet_serendipities_books and the author @marina_ploumpi  for this fantastic tale!

It is a very easy and quick read book! A strong message that passes to our children!



Thank youMarina Pl&Sweet Serendipities Booksfor this valuable tool!

I received the wonderful book by Marina Ploubis and I am happy to share it with you!

As soon as it came out of the package, Herodioni (2.5 years old) asked me to read it. She asks every night (and sometimes at noon) that I read it to her 3-4 times! He has lots of books and loves them in general but at night he never asks for a book, he wants my own stories but now that has changed!

He has learned some phrases from the book and says them throughout the day (the way it is written helps a lot)!

In general there is an excitement in our house in the last few days and this is due to: "At night we all sleep"! He hugs it and says: MY book!

A book about night weaning and night awakenings in non-breastfed children. Double read, very nicely and softly given!



What I also loved about this book is how naturally it includes concepts and situations that are normal, we've just demonized them.

Like, that is, the harvest, breastfeeding, smooth weaning, the joint upbringing of the child by the parents, respect for the child's personality. If we see things more clearly and in their true extent, we will see what is of value, what we can do together with the child and not what the child should do, as if he were an obstacle. Finally, we must support mothers, breastfeeding and non-nursing, to help each other, to advise from the heart. Only in this way will we be able to change society as a whole, if we love the mother and the child. This book is great for goodnight and to slowly get the message across to the little one and prepare them for their new journey. I am very moved by Marina's books, as they speak deeply to me, since they include a lot of what I have experienced with my child. You will identify, mother!



A fairy tale for all children who have difficulty sleeping and turn night into day

🌺Personal opinion: We are talking about a fairy tale with a double reading that will help moms get rid of dark circles under their eyes and stop crying "HELP THE CHILD CAN'T SLEEP". Congratulations @Marina for a wonderful approach to a problem that he bothered us all 👏👏 I can't wait for your next works ❤️Congratulations also for the magical illustration, me and my nieces loved the kangaroo ☺️And I loved your CVs 🤗

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