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A fairy tale with double reading!!

A treasure book in our library, which touches on the topics we loved so much as a family!! Breastfeeding, weaning, harvesting, dad's active role in this whole journey!!!

@marina_ploumpi Thank you so much for this treasure!!!
It is the best legacy for us and our children, to remind us of all the beautiful things we spent these endless evenings!!!
🌃 Zzzzz🌃🌜⭐



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Before we start talking about books, let's remember that: no book will work by itself. All books are tools to start this conversation with our child. So let's not expect that reading a book will wean the child by itself. It doesn't work like that!

There aren't many books on weaning and the sleep-breast disconnect but I've included a few favorites for you here.

🇬🇷 In Greek
1. At night we all sleep, Marina Ploumpi
2. The last sip, Marina Ploumpi (2nd edition)

Εξώφυλλο Δελτίο τύπου1.jpg


One more help for mom and her baby...

In a very difficult period, that of breastfeeding and weaning, it is good to get help. This book is definitely a tool for the occasion. Very neat, full of lyricism and with wonderful images.



Ideal for the gradual weaning phase for nursing mothers.

The book is written in a twofold way. By simply varying the phrases with asterisks, the story changes from milk to game, depending on what you want to focus on.

Either way, it's a great suggestion for any new parent and for the little problems that the little darlings in our lives create for us!
Fortunately at some point it stops and it all seems very far away. Until then, be patient 😂



"With Nuezetta's distinctive style"

The Special Melios with his girlfriend Ioli and the sock-dwellers of the island of Aplostra - Aplostra try to solve the mystery of the lost socks during the day, because at night we all sleep!

And other presentations here

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