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Our company offers alternative ways of ordering, payment and shipping in order to make it easier for you and ensure the security of transactions.

The ordering methods are as follows:

  1.  Electronic order through our e-shop

  2.  Phone order at 693 4116102.

  3.  Order by email by sending your details to

  4. Send a message to our page at facebook &  instagram


You can make your payments in the following ways.

1. Bank deposit

You will receive an order confirmation by email, which will contain both the order number and the total cost including shipping.

Your order will be held for 2 days and we will process it immediately after we receive the payment.

(You can inquire about the price of the transportation costhere.)

The cooperating banks are the following. 

PIRAEUS BANK: GR37 0171 5620 0065 6216 0981 423

ALPHA BANK:   GR410 140 6480 64800 200 200 8907

In the bank's depository, you must write your full name or the name under which the order was made as a reason. For the fastest execution of your order you can send us the deposit by email tosweet.serendipities.books@gmail.comor call us at 6934116102.

2. Cash on delivery service

You can pay for your order at the courier company. The chargeable cost of cash on delivery is 2,3€0. 

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