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Once again, it's touching how the family is presented like a fist..

As a mom, I think that the topic of weaning and sleep are the two most difficult and much-discussed topics that concern parents. It is a very imaginative fairy tale that every parent and every child can identify with. 

 Once again, it is touching how the family is presented like a fist, we are all together and we all face the weaning and the sleep problems together. I was thrilled with the double reading, very clever as I have never come across that before.



A book that overflows with love and tenderness while at the same time being a valuable aid for the evening weaning stage and by extension the healthy and smooth development of the relationship between mother and child!

Through the second book of the editions, the author manages to convey to us a special sense of calm, contributing to a gentler management of this big change in the everyday life of mom and child!



Author  has pleasantly surprised us for the second time with yet another night weaning book this time...and more!

Double reading automatically creates two different stories which makes the book even more interesting. Even if a child does not breastfeed, they may show a preference for the breastfeeding story for various reasons, or vice versa. 

As in her first book, the author gives active participation to the father of the family, while she has consulted and discussed with specialist psychologists, breastfeeding consultants, etc. before the publication of her book. In both of her books there is no coercive mood or teaching in relation to breastfeeding and this is especially important.



The father's presence in the book is also important, as he also takes an active role

A very sweet fairy tale not only for children who wake up to breastfeed, but also to play, to "satiate" their parents who may be absent during the day.

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What did my kids say? Panagiotakis who has been weaned was excited, he asks me to read it every night, he found it very sweet. Maria Kalomira, who after my third birth competes with the baby for who will breastfeed the most, understood for whom the bell tolls.

What impressed me is that Marina leaves nothing to chance. Before completing the book she consulted
pediatrician, lactation consultant, psychologists, maternity assistant, parenting consultant, sleep consultant and of course breastfeeding moms and their babies.



Marina created two books with absolute respect for children and family love.

 Marina gives her readers two weapons to uncover possible family difficulties or to find solutions through fairy tales...

...Impressed by the relationship of the parents and the multiple messages about the family I recommend her books, especially to new parents. Marina invades children's literature with a smile!



The tender phrases addressed both to the baby and indirectly to the mother, captivate us.

And when we say everyone, we mean it!
Even inanimate things come to life and at night appear to be sleeping too!


The special thing about this particular book is that it has a double reading. So, even if your little one is not breastfeeding, this is a book you should buy, since there is an alternative text that replaces the parts that talk about mom's milk, so that it can also be read by children who just wake up at night or are restless sleep.

The book has also been checked by relevant specialists on the subject, before its release.



Such neat work and nice illustration...

I had the honor of reading the draft of her new stand-out book "To Night We All Sleep"! A beautiful and tender story about evening weaning and also for "good night" to all the little ones...



Yes, our story has a double text!

...The book "We all sleep at night" refers to weaning at night but also to children who generally wake up at night (sound familiar?).

Simple verse with tender but also humorous points, amazing illustration with also many humorous elements and things for the children to notice (everything in the house is sleeping) and the clever find with the double text!

It's a book you'll definitely refer to every time your child wakes up at night!

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