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For me it is now a classic book that should not be missing from our homes...

You all know by now that through this profile I promote pedagogical issues, expression of emotions, positive education and anything that can show respect and empathy towards children. At the same time, I call on parents, teachers and experts to work together with a view to the best possible future for our children.....

Marina consulted experts, educators, mothers and children and renewed it, making the second edition an even more special book!

...I wanted to tell you that in her book you will find all the values that I advocate: consent, openness, respect for the needs and wishes of the child, the importance and value of family relationships, baby led weaning , the healthy diet, the Montessori material hidden in the illustration, lowering the height of the child, approaching knowledge through daily habits and relationships, respecting the choice and self-care of adults.



Before we start talking about books, let's remember that: no book will work by itself. All books are tools to start this conversation with our child. So let's not expect that reading a book will wean the child by itself. It doesn't work like that!

There aren't many books on weaning and the sleep-breast disconnect but I've included a few favorites for you here.

🇬🇷 In Greek
1. At night we all sleep, Marina Ploumpi
2. The last sip, Marina Ploumpi (2nd edition)

Η τελευταία γουλίτσα cover.jpg


How sweet, tender and useful are the two books by Marina Ploumpi.

..from a mother to all mothers and their little ones who experience similar situations! This seems to be the reason that The last sip passed the thousand copies, and its new version has just been released! 

Η τελευταία γουλίτσα cover.jpg


This is a book you'll keep in your library for years to remind you of breastfeeding, like a scrapbook.

One of the book's strongest elements is that Sophia does not always passively accept her mother's limitations. She is seen crying at first and being comforted by the mother. She negotiates boundaries (“two [gulps], mommy, please”) and it's clear, from the very beginning, that she's ready for the next step but it scares her.

This is the image that many breastfed children have, and the fact that this book describes the transition in its beauty and difficulty makes it an excellent weaning aid. The child can see Sophia and identify with her



One of the most tender books I have ever held in my hands.

Inspired by the greatest love that has ever existed, the maternal love and made with equally great love by its creator, Marina Ploumpis, who has enclosed the purest emotions within it.

An excellent, moving, wonderful book that was missing!



Included in this title are all the treats you offered, mom, sleepy-eyed, hands-clutching, waist-broken, unwashed hair, sick-body.. in the dark, in the room, in the bed, in the car, in the park, in the soil..

This book made me cry when I read its title.
"A children's book that refers to the extremely important and sensitive period of weaning babies. It is a difficult "separation", but it marks the beginning of a new, more independent path for the child."
The text as well as the illustrations are simple and speak directly to the heart.

I feel like I don't need to say anything more about this than share my own breastfeeding story with you in a few lines. And right now as I'm writing to you I'm crying. 3 magical, difficult, demanding years of breastfeeding. This trip was one of the most shocking of my life!



I love❤️ books that include soul🔥 and this one definitely has it.

✅Text📃 rhyming with natural musicality🥁that creates an atmosphere of familiarity for the toddlers👧🏽👦 who will read it.


✅Text📃 rhyming with natural musicality🥁that creates a climate of familiarity for the toddlers👧🏽👦 who will read it▶️.

✅Simple illustration🎨 that stays to the point and leaves a nostalgic taste✨ for the journey⛵ of breastfeeding.



Book recommendation 

Marina Ploumpi @marina_ploumpi and the versions @sweet_serendipities_books

created the most tender book about mother's anxieties about breastfeeding and smooth weaning in equally tender illustrations by Irene Thanos



A weaning book!❤️

Those of us who have breastfed will remember that when the time came to stop the wonderful journey of breastfeeding, the emotions were mixed....

...From personal experience the best weaning came when it was done gradually and we were both ready to stop it without tears, regrets and guilt as it happened the first time.

This very tender and wonderful book refers to this extremely important and sensitive period of weaning babies.



The author of the book, Marina Ploumpi, offers the first children's book in the Greek language on the subject of smooth weaning.

The writing of the book is simple and understandable and through the rhyming used by its author, it manages to arouse the interest and undivided attention of the children. On the other hand, it evokes the excitement of moms and the help that, perhaps, they are looking for to achieve a smooth weaning.

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