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Our purpose is to update the progress of your order through a simple, fast and pleasant process.

After the completion of your order you will receive informative emails, to the email you have indicated during the steps

completion of the order, with all the details of the order and the following processing stages:


             1. Order (code) successfully entered.
You will receive a confirmation email from us which will state the total cost (along with the details) and in which banks you can make the deposit.
* In case there is some problem then and ONLY then we will inform you by phone.

               Order (code) sent!

Your order has been dropped by the transport company and is for delivery to the address you have given us.

You will be notified of the Shipment Number (voucher) and the url address where you can track the progress of the shipment

of your package from the respective transport company.


        3. Order (code)  has been cancelled.

 Your order has been cancelled.


  4. Order(code) failed.

Your order has failed. This happens if in case there has not been a bank deposit from you within 2 days

from the date of the order.

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