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"Sitting" next to the pediatrician and Breastfeeding Consultant Nikolaos Varakis who explains the importance of breastfeeding, Marina Ploumpi answers about the "Last sip"

Every mother, explains Marina, knows her child best, every child is different and so is every duo. The dyad is different even if it is the same mother, but a different child. (first-born, second-born, etc.) Another combination, other behaviors, another trip! "Isn't it magical?" he wonders. Weaning concerns the mother-child dyad and follows the rules set by the dyad itself. "If I were to share one piece of information, it would be for every mother to listen to her instinct," she adds.

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...we keep in our hearts the joys we have lived together and the expectation of those that are to come...

Even if mothers for some reason have not breastfed, this book will help them see from another perspective the ways they should follow to motivate their children to feel independent and autonomous at any stage of their lives . Their children grow up and spread their wings. Let's help them in this beautiful flight of theirs.



12 words.. just 12 words, that's all it took to crush me, tear me apart and leave me crying full of emotions and a sweet happiness mixed with sadness.

I wonder how "The last sip" has managed to speak to an adult mother and a small baby at the same time, how it is possible to find the words, through such simple phrases, to make both of them decide that this trip ends and feel good about it. It is very difficult to speak to an adult and a baby with the same words and at the same time have touched them both...



Dad... Such an important part in children's lives

There are many fairy tales centered on the father who thankfully is no longer strong and distant but involved and present in the children's lives.

We approached him through the class stories, while I know of other notable ones (sadly missing from our library), and noticed the images and how important they are to us....

@marina_ploumpi's last sip from @sweet_serendipities_books that reminded us of games with daddy.


21/03/22 for the Last Sip. He definitely has something to teach you.

....During this period we may have to be even closer to the nursing mother, as it can be a difficult and exhausting period both for her and the baby as well as for the rest of the family. I remember how difficult it was every time this time came, as I was the one who took it upon myself to be the 'go-between' and help the children wean as their exclusive breastfeeding led to them being denied any other way of feeding.



Personally, I cried reading it, I was very moved, even though I only breastfed for 7 months. 

🤱It is the first and only book of its kind and I believe that all moms who reach the end of this unique journey will greatly appreciate it. 

🤱He has written it with so much love and care that it will touch every mom, especially if she is going through this important and at the same time sensitive period of weaning.  

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The author with her first writing attempt makes a strong start and raises the bar very high for her next books. It's worth seeking out.

This is a very tender book that you fall in love with from the wonderful cover. As you start reading the book, you realize the love that all its creators put into it. They have taken care of even the smallest detail. A very tasteful version that you don't often come across these days.



🤗@marina_ploumpi Thank you for this beautiful and tender journey that came at a time when I needed it so much🙏

✔A unique children's book that refers to the sensitive period of weaning.
"It is a difficult parting, but it marks the beginning of a new, more independent path for the child" 🙏
❤Reading it made me quite emotional, but the last page gave me strength to keep trying.
What stood out to me apart from the wonderful text that is written in rhyme, is the beautiful illustration and also the involvement of the dad in this whole process🙏



Congratulations on this book!

Marina Ploumpi shares with us her own experience and through a tender book she shows us a wonderful, gradual, painless way of weaning. "The last sip" with the amazing illustration of Irini Thanou.
Congratulations on this book!



"The family is not only numerical" and we saw from the first workshop how many different families there are on the planet.

💕 We touched her "last sip" @marina_ploumpi @sweet_serendipities_books and some children talked about weaning, the nights they nursed in bed with mom and how they see their little brothers.
I was struck by how simply they described these moments without shame but with joy that so many have breastfed (5-6 years old).



... thrills from start to finish.

All breastfeeding and weaning moms are always worried about what's going to happen next. As it happens for all things and for every unprecedented change that comes. The presence of the father figure is the surprise in this beautiful and tender story. The illustration complements the story with soft colors that do not tire the eye. This book should not be missing from the hands of mothers. 



..a sweet and touching book about the natural weaning of infants.

"As for the images, they unfold in a soft and "noble" way, without stealing from the glory of the word and without giving it too much value." 
"...this is a book that - as the author herself notes - was written with a lot of love and respect for both parents and children.
And this is obvious on every page! "

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