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I tried my best not to cry as I read her mom saying "you have my butt for life, you have me forever"

The book "the last sip" by @marina_ploumpi by publications @sweet_serendipities_books it touches both the children and the mothers. Both sides in the end realize that this trip may be over but many great trips await us in the future and we will spend them together!



Very beautiful and as a gift for a mother who wants to wean!

This very tender and wonderful book refers to this extremely important and sensitive period of weaning babies.

Separation can be difficult, but let's not forget that it marks the beginning of a new, more independent path for the child!

Y.S In addition to the book, the careful edition edited by the author herself, as well as the special illustration!



What can I say about this book... 

I read it and look back and think I wish it had fallen into my hands years ago when the weaning journey was unprecedented and somewhat confusing
"The last sip" by Marina Ploumpi...
... It took me on a journey through memories and emotions ❣️Sweet mothers, I highly recommend it 



The closing of the book is very touching.

"The Last Gulitsa" is the first book that talks in such a beautiful and tender way about weaning. The measured speech makes the narration enjoyable. In this book, although the mother and the child are the central characters, the presence of the father is surprising.



A tender fairy tale that talks about weaning

The last sip is the gift I give to my children to keep these memories alive.....



...throughout history there is respect for mother-child needs..

Read it to the end! I am sure that in the last note of the author you will have the impression that she literally read your thoughts!



It moved me deeply..

Everything that is described in such a beautiful and sweet way in the book I have personally experienced and I really wish during that period of weaning my children I had this book in my hands - little gem!...


Cool Kids


This is my true story.

I was in the weaning process for 3 months. Slowly and smoothly, ...
The last sip for me was last Sunday. 
It's a heartwarming story and really all of you who are nursing at this stage should look it up.
Get a tissue too. I will need you... the last sip touched me



..a tear of emotion appeared in my eyes..

Marina has managed to present natural weaning so beautifully. Her writing style is excellent and even if we are not book critics, we can call this a gem of children's literature. Every mother who reads it will feel the sweetness of motherhood through Marina's writing. The vocabulary he uses is simple to be understood by everyone but not simplistic....



..this fairy tale wins you from the first moment because it radiates a calmness and balance.

I think this book is even more unique. Because in my opinion it is not only about mothers with children in the process of weaning, but because it describes a beautiful journey of life that is good to remind all children. It is very important that all children know and become familiar with breastfeeding, whether they happened to experience the process of breastfeeding as infants or not.



it would be nice if books were written more often on such sensitive subjects

The text of the book "The last sip" is written in rhyming speech, so that it sounds more beautiful and rhythmic in children's voices and is more easily captured by children's minds! And the illustration by Irini Thanou has captured with pastel shades all those emotions that the text exudes within its pages as well as on the cover, such as emotion, agony, patience, sadness, joy, love, tenderness, affection...



What should I do about this book... 

When I first read it, my husband's question was: How many times will you read it before you stop crying?
Such a touching tale that slowly takes you through the process of weaning with respect for both the child and the mother...



..a book so careful and full of love.. 

Sofia, therefore, has been drinking her mother's milk since she was a baby. Now he has grown up and apart from milk he also eats delicious food, fruits and vegetables (he also has a very beautiful picture that will move all mothers who have blue children)...Take it and read it to your children who are in the weaning phase, I believe they will love it and identify with it.



Top 25 independently published books I read in 2021

As many of you here know, I was born and raised in Greece, thus I would also like to recommend a newly released book in my native language. Author Marina Ploubi just published the sweetest book ever about breastfeeding and the end of this journey, a book to be cherished for years to come by mums and their children. It will also help with the transition to no more mother's milk for the little ones. Hopefully, it will also be translated into English in the near future.


05/12/21 is not only a book that was missing from the Greek market, but also a book so well thought out and full of love that the title alone moves you!

I really liked that the dad also has an active role in the whole process and this can be seen in the illustration, but I was also very moved by the last pages (I won't tell you why, but the illustration at this point is magical and symbolic)..

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